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Five full-length novels retelling the classic fairytale — The Beauty and the Beast.

Miranda Honfleur (Romantic Fantasy)
Ryan Muree (Epic Fantasy)
Emily Allen West (Romantic Suspense)
Emerald Dodge (Speculative Fiction)
Katherine Bennet (Romantic Science Fiction)



What’s Inside?


No Man Can Tame
– Romantic Fantasy
By Miranda Honfleur

Fiery princess Aless and dark-elf prince Veron didn’t ask for an arranged marriage designed to bring peace to the seething hatred between their people, and Aless certainly doesn’t intend to stay in it. She has other plans to make the tenuous alliance work without the marriage—that is, until she begins to look beyond the sharp claws and fangs, slate-blue skin, ghostly white hair, and presumptions to see the beauty found within… But when Veron finds out about her plans, will betrayal end them, or will true love conquer all?


In the Garden of Gold and Stone
– Epic Fantasy
By Ryan Muree

Compassionate and dutiful Nida anxiously awaits the day her new sisters hatch in their temple sanctuary. But without a human male, that day will never come. When Rowec, a human warrior from a local village, gets captured by Nida’s people he’s offered freedom in exchange for his participation in their hatching ceremony. Nida learns the cost of bringing her sisters to life—and she must embrace the beast within to save them or save the human she’s grown to love.



Eye of the Beholder
– Romantic Suspense
By Emily Allen West

Band-manager Rose flees her stalker ex to a mysterious island, hoping to find sanctuary with her cousin. But what she does find is a walled-off rich vigilante fighting a human-trafficking ring… and fighting to be himself again after his mind and body have been ravaged by war. Will he lose that battle, or will love break down the wall between them and save them both?



Excalibur – Speculative Fiction
By Emerald Dodge

Sharp and fearsome superhero Heather and her San Diego team have struck a dark deal with a local gang: in exchange for helping the team escape a lethal foe by faking their deaths, the gang will take credit for “killing” the team, known locally as The Beasts. With the clock ticking down and few allies to help, their lives—and their deal—only becomes more complicated when Heather and her teammate Courtney begin to fall for two gang members.



The Blooming
– Romantic Sci-Fi
By Katherine Bennet

New guard Sophia will do what it takes to protect her country—except lose her father. When she volunteers to take his place in a dangerous assignment, her fiery commander, Niko, seems intent to prove she doesn’t belong. Little does he know she has no intention of quitting. When their team is ambushed on a mission, Niko and Sophia must work together to save their team and expose the enemy that betrayed them. If not, they’ll lose everything they never knew they wanted.


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