Ryan Muree

Epic Fantasy


I grew up a military brat, moving often and even living in Okinawa. When people ask me where I’m from, I usually just say Earth. It’s easier.

I was a middle school teacher for nine years – yes, really. Naturally, I write a lot of young-adult fiction. It’s usually fantasy. Mostly epic. Always magical. I prefer determined heroines who answer the call for wild adventures across crazy worlds. And I especially like young women who face hardships and consequences with grit and smarts. When I’m not inventing worlds for my characters, I’m a proud nerd. I game with my husband and daughter, draw, paint, and sometimes say funny things. Sometimes.


What Blooms in the Dark – Download now on Instafreebie!

Available on Amazon and KU
Of Beasts and Beauties – an Enclave Boxed Set – Available Now!
The Last Elixir – Book 1 of The Last Elixir Series
The Fallen Gate – Book 2 of The Last Elixir Series
The Shattered Core – Book 3 of The Last Elixir Series
What Rises from the Ashes – Prequel of The Last Elixir Series
Instruments of Ether – Book 1 of IoE Series – Available Fall 2018


Favorite genre to read: Fantasy, Romance, & Dystopian

Favorite books: A Brave New World
Hobbies: Crafts. I have a serious addiction to all things I can make myself.

Preferred Writing Method: Alone with mood music. I love saving playlists to prime emotions for certain books/scenes and then sharing them with readers.
Pantser or Planner?: PLANNER. Obsessive planner. Binders, sticky tabs, pencil pouches. I probably need to work on this.